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Your Weekly Digest | Issue 15/2022

Valur Thrainsson
4 min read

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Yale lawyers filed two motions Friday to dismiss the antitrust case against the 568 Presidents Group, a group of elite universities... Read more.
Apple looks set to face another EU antitrust charge relating to the way it requires music streamers like Spotify to use its App Store in-app purchase system. Read more.
Apple CEO Tim Cook warned in a speech at a Washington, D.C., conference Tuesday that antitrust legislation aimed at lessening the monopoly power of app stores could harm users. “We are deeply conce… Read more.
FTC Chair Lina Khan urged Congress to consider passing legislation to give gig workers greater protections to organize under antitrust laws. Read more.
JAKARTA, 14 April 2022 – the ASEAN Heads of Competition Agencies (AHCA) issued a Joint Statement on Maintaining Competition Policy in Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery to support ASEAN’s post-pandemi… Read more.
The European Commission’s horizontal guidelines are an invaluable tool for practitioners in antitrust compliance work. The team at Unit A1 in DG COMP have done a great job at further developing the guidelines in the new draft that was published for stakeholder comments on 1 March 2022. Today, the EU & Competition team at Szecskay... Read more.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is at it again, threatening new sorts of regulatory interventions in the legitimate welfare-enhancing activities of businesses—this time in the realm of data collection by firms. Discussion In an April 11 speech at the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ Global Privacy Summit, FTC Chair Lina Khan set forth a litany... Read more.
In 2021, when Canada was in the middle of the covid pandemic, large corporations in all major sectors of the economy saw their profit margins substantially exceed 20 year averages, with many hitting record levels. Read more.
Tommaso Valletti
April 2022. According to multiple media reports, Vodafone is soon expected to announce a merger with rival UK mobile operator Three, thus cutting the number of major mobile network operators in the market from four to three. Read more.
Wouter Meester and Daniel Westrik
The withdrawal of a cartel case brought against Citigroup and Deutsche Bank in last February came as a surprise to many, marking the termination of a long-running high-profile Australian Competition & Consumer Commission cartel case that would have been the country’s largest-ever white-collar criminal trial. Read more.
We investigate whether increased competition among inspection firms leads to an increase in the inspection pass rate in the Swedish car inspection market, which is heavily regulated and consciously designed to mitigate incentives to violate government regulations. We use a panel dataset that represent 22.5 million car roadworthiness tests that were conducted during the period 2010–2015. Fixed effects and instrumental variable estimations, which are used to account for the endogeneity of competition, show that inspection stations that operate in highly competitive markets are more lenient toward their customers than are stations that operate in less competitive markets. Read more.
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