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Your Weekly Digest | Issue 222

Valur Thrainsson
4 min read

Good morning,

Here below, you find the most recent and relevant competition and anti-trust news, blogs and journal publications over the last week.

Enjoy :)

A Leading Critic of Big Tech Will Join the White House | The New York Times
Tim Wu’s appointment to the National Economic Council signals a confrontational approach by the Biden administration.
Read More
The CMA has launched an investigation into Apple following complaints that its terms and conditions for app developers are unfair and anti-competitive. Read more.
The European Commission has opened a formal antitrust investigation to assess whether the pharmaceutical company Teva has illegally delayed the market entry and uptake of medicines that compete with its blockbuster multiple sclerosis drug Copaxone. The Commission will investigate whether Teva has abused a dominant market position in breach of EU antitrust rules. Read more.
In reaction to the Bundeskartellamt competition concerns, Deutsche Post AG has amended its system of conditions for the dispatch of newspapers and magazines. Read more.
The General Court’s judgment in CK Telecoms[1] annulling the European Commission’s (“Commission”) 2016 prohibition decision of the UK mobile merger raised quite a bit of interest beyond the Brussels competition bar, particularly with European telecom companies, who have long argued that the Commission has taken a far too strict stance on in-country market consolidation. Read more.
In current discussions of technology markets, few words are heard more often than “platform.” Initial public offering (IPO) prospectuses use “platform” to describe a service that is bound to dominate a digital market. Antitrust regulators use “platform” to describe a service that dominates a digital market or threatens to do so. In either case, “platform” denotes power […] Read more.
The legal impact of exiting the European Union after 47 years of membership, a growing focus on digital markets, and increasingly robust enforcement by the Competition and Markets Authority (“CMA”) are among the defining developments in UK competition law and policy during 2020.  In addition, as with many jurisdictions worldwide, the Covid-19 pandemic has had... Read more.
Noam Bardin, the founder of Waze, wrote an important piece on what Google did to his firm after acquiring it. Effectively, Google took over an innovative startup with employees focused on a mission, and bureaucratized it into a failing subsidiary. Read more.
Pauline Affeldt, Tomaso Duso and Florian Szücs
We study the determinants of common European merger policy over its first 25 years, from 1990 to 2014. Using a novel dataset at the level of the relevant antitrust markets and containing all relevant merger cases notified to the European Commission, we evaluate how consistently arguments related to structural market parameters – dominance, rising concentration, barriers to entry, and foreclosure – were applied over time and across different geographic market definitions. Read more.
Eric A. Posner
The debate over common ownership initiated by Azar, Schmalz, and Tecu’s paper on airlines has raised questions about what, if any, policy responses are... Read more.
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