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What subscribers say

I find CompetitionFeed invaluable: it is a very effective start to my competition law week! I particularly like the fact that it aggregates judgments, decisions, policy developments and critical commentary from numerous jurisdictions and a variety of sources.

Richard Whish, Emeritus Professor of Law, King's College London

I am happy to say that I find it indeed a valuable instrument. For someone working on competition issues, it is important to know what is happening in courts and agencies, but also be aware of the current debates among scholars and practitioners, and CompetitionFeed does well on both scores.

Massimo Motta is Research Professor at ICREA - Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. He served as Chief Competition Economist of the European Commission from 2013 to 2016.

CompetitionFeed is a very useful curated weekly round-up of breaking news, official publications and informed comment and is in an easy to read format.

Lisa Bunker, Senior Antitrust Knowledge and Information Officer, Clifford Chance LLP

Competition Feed is one of the first things I turn to on a Monday morning. It’s a great source of insight into the latest developments and emerging thinking in the antitrust world.

Stuart Hudson is a Senior Director for Strategy, Communications, Nations and Regions at the CMA

All of us have access to a lot of information. In this context, it is key to select sources of information that are targeted, well selected, and cover references that we do not find elsewhere. CompetitionFeed is one of these rare sources, because it bridges competition policy, and industrial organisation references. I typically learn more from the academic work, while colleagues in academia tell me that the practitioners' angle is most valuable for them!

Dr. Alexis Walckiers is a Director in the E.CA Brussels office. Before joining E.CA, he was Chief Economist of the Belgian Competition Authority between 2010 and 2020.

What we do

Every week we sift through 5.000+ articles from 100+ publishers and hand-pick 10-20 pieces that are sent to your inbox every Monday morning. These are articles, that in my mind, are the most recent and relevant competition and anti-trust news, blogs and journal publications over the last week.

About Valur Þráinsson

I have been involved in antitrust matters for more than a decade and currently serve as the Chief Economist at the Icelandic Competition Authority. In 2016 I founded CompetitionFeed, which competition and antitrust enthusiasts could use to stay up to date. Originally a feed of articles was published and updated every minute, but as time passed, the weekly newsletter became what the users were most interested in. So every Sunday, I curate the weekly newsletter that you receive every Monday morning. I hope you enjoy it!

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The weekly newsletter covers the most recent and relevant competition and antitrust news, blogs and journal publications.

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