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Your Weekly Digest | Issue 113

Valur Thrainsson
2 min read

Good morning,

Here below you find the most read articles on CompetitionFeed over the last week.


Google: 50 US states and territories launch competition probe

A group of 50 states and territories in the US have launched an investigation into Google's dominance of the online advertising market. Read More.


Brussels braced for EU trade and tech battles with US

Vestager holds on to beefed-up competition role in new ‘geopolitical’ commission. Read More.

The New York Times

House Antitrust Panel Seeks Documents From 4 Big Tech Firms

Congress showed the breadth of its investigation into the big tech companies on Friday, making a public demand for scores of documents, including the personal emails and other communications from dozens of top executives. Read More.


Major overhaul of hotel booking sector after CMA action

People booking hotels online can now do so with more confidence following a CMA probe of the sector. Read More.

Truth on the Market

The Real Story about Amazon, Counterfeit Listings, and Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policies

These days, lacking a coherent legal theory presents no challenge to the would-be antitrust crusader. In a previous post, we noted how Shaoul Sussman’s predatory pricing claims against Amazon lacked a serious legal foundation. Read More.


Protecting Competition in the American Economy: Merger Control, Tech Titans, Labor Markets

Carl Shapiro
Accumulating evidence points to the need for more vigorous antitrust enforcement in the United States in three areas. Read More.


Do Increasing Markups Matter? Lessons from Empirical Industrial Organization

Steven Berry, Martin Gaynor and Fiona Scott Morton
This article considers the recent literature on firm markups in light of both new and classic work in the field of industrial organization. Read More.

Working Paper

Lessons from AT&T/Time Warner

Dennis W. Carlton, Mark A. Israel and Allan Shampine
AT&T and Time Warner is the U.S. Department of Justice’s first vertical merger challenge in decades. Read More.

International Journal of Industrial Organisation

Pay-for-Delay Patent Settlement, Generic Entry and Welfare

Yucheng Dinga and Xin Zhao
“Pay-for-delay” settlement (P4D), in which the brand patentee reversely pays the generic infringer to delay market entry, is typically criticized for blocking competition but is often excused for its potential to maintain innovation. Read More.

Journal of Antitrust Enforcement

Application of the Domestic and EU Antitrust Prohibitions: an analysis of the UK competition authority's enforcement practice

Barry J Rodger
This article makes a significant and original contribution to the literature on the enforcement practices of competition authorities by providing the first comprehensive account of the work of the UK National Competition Authority (The OFT and latterly the CMA) in its primary task of enforcing the EU and domestic antitrust prohibitions. Read More.

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