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Your Weekly Digest | Issue 98

Valur Thrainsson
2 min read

Good morning,

Here below you find the most read articles on CompetitionFeed over the last week.


Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank abandon merger talks

Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank have abandoned merger talks, saying the deal would have been too risky. Read More.


CMA blocks merger between Sainsbury’s and Asda

The CMA has blocked the Sainsbury’s-Asda merger after finding it would lead to increased prices in stores, online and at many petrol stations across the UK. Read More.


FTC Hearing #13: Merger Retrospectives

The Federal Trade Commission held the thirteenth session of its Hearings Initiative, focused on the agency’s merger retrospective program, on April 12, 2019, at FTC Headquarters in Room 432. Read More.


Construction cartel directors disqualified

The CMA has secured the disqualification of 2 former directors of CPM Group Ltd following CPM’s admission that it breached competition law. Read More.

The Conversation

Sainsbury’s-Asda merger: failed big bet has serious strategic consequences

The problem with big bets is that sometimes they don’t pay off. Read More.

Kluwer Competition Law Blog

Walter Merricks v. Mastercard, Paving the Way for Economic Analysis in Class Actions

The England and Wales Court of Appeal has overturned the Decision of the United Kingdom Competition Appeals Tribunal (CAT) in the collective proceedings Walter Merricks v MasterCard, where final consumers are represented by Merricks. Read More.

Competition Lore

Distinctive DNA of EU Antitrust?

Neither the law nor economics are value-free sciences. If we are to understand why and how competition laws operate in a certain way in an individual jurisdiction, we need to understand the underlying values and belief systems that inform and shape its design and enforcement. Read More.

Working Paper

Five Principles for Vertical Merger Enforcement Policy

Jonathan B. Baker, Nancy L. Rose, Steven C. Salop and Fiona M. Scott Morton
There seems to be consensus that the Department of Justice’s 1984 Vertical Merger Guidelines do not reflect either modern theoretical and empirical economic analysis or current agency enforcement policy. Read More.

MPRA Paper

Firms’ Markup, Cost, and Price Changes when Policymakers Permit Collusion: Does Antitrust Immunity Matter?

Philip Gayle and Xin Xie
Airlines wanting to cooperatively set prices for their international air travel service must apply to the relevant authorities for antitrust immunity (ATI). Read More.

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