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Your Weekly Digest | Issue 94

Valur Thrainsson
2 min read

Good morning,

Here below you find the most read articles on CompetitionFeed over the last week.


Renault aims to restart Nissan merger talks within 12 months: FT

France’s Renault SA intends to restart merger talks with Japan’s Nissan Motor Co Ltd within 12 months, after which it will set sight on a bid to buy Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday. Read More.


Pharmaceuticals: suspected anti-competitive agreements

The CMA is investigating alleged anti-competitive agreements in the pharmaceutical sector under Chapter I CA98 and Article 101 TFEU (case reference: 50511-2). Read More.

European Commission

Commission fines Nike €12.5 million for restricting cross-border sales of merchandising products

The European Commission has fined Nike €12.5 million for banning traders from selling licensed merchandise to other countries within the EEA. Read More.


FTC Chairman Releases 2018 Annual Highlights

“The FTC has continued to focus on areas that have the greatest consumer impact, including health care, technology, and consumer products and services,” said Chairman Simons. “In addition to stopping anticompetitive mergers and conduct, we are committed to pursuing vigorous enforcement and meaningful relief against consumer fraud, illegal robocalls, and privacy violations.” Read More.

Truth on the Market

Telecom regulators: Don’t get rolled by Rewheel

Will the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint make consumers better or worse off? A central question in the review of this merger—as it is in all merger reviews—is the likely effects that the transaction will have on consumers. Read More.

The Conversation

Brexit with brie? Common Market 2.0 proposal explained – through the import and export of cheese

Amid the ongoing Brexit standoff, one proposal that has been gaining traction and which MPs will now vote on in a series of indicative votes in parliament, has been the cross-party plan for a “Common Market 2.0”. Read More.


Legal experts: National digital taxes constitute state aid that must be pre-cleared by the EU

Some EU countries are rushing ahead with national digital taxes targeted at so-called “tech giants”. However, do these national digital services taxes (“DST”), as proposed by France and Italy, constitute state aid that must be notified to the EU prior to implementation? Read More.

CESifo Working Paper

Conspiracy Against the Public €“ an Experiment on Collusion

Åshild A. Johnsen and Ola Kvaloy
We study to what extent collusive behavior is affected by the awareness of negative externalities. Read More.

Boston Univ. School of Law, Law and Economics Research Paper No. 19-3

Common Ownership and Executive Incentives: The Implausibility of Compensation As an Anticompetitive Mechanism

David I. Walker
Mutual funds, pension funds and other institutional investors are a growing presence in U.S. equity markets, and these investors frequently hold large stakes in shares of competing companies.Read More.

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