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Your Weekly Digest | Issue 80

Valur Thrainsson
2 min read

Good morning,

Here below you find the most read articles on CompetitionFeed over the last week.


France fines washing machine makers $214 million for price rigging

France’s competition authority on Thursday fined six home appliance makers a total of 189 million euros ($214 million) for price-rigging in 2006 and 2009, the largest penalty it has handed out so far this year. Read More.

European Commission

Commission imposes binding obligations on TenneT to increase electricity trading capacity between Denmark and Germany

The European Commission has adopted a decision rendering legally binding commitments offered by German grid operator TenneT to significantly increase cross-border flows of electricity between Denmark and Germany. TenneT will ensure that a specific guaranteed capacity is available at all times. Read More.

Truth on the Market

Drifting toward nonsense on EU vs. US competitiveness: The profits puzzle

A recent NBER working paper by Gutiérrez & Philippon has attracted attention from observers who see oligopoly everywhere and activists who want governments to more actively “manage” competition. The analysis in the paper is fundamentally flawed and should not be relied upon by policymakers, regulators, or anyone else. Read More.

Working Paper

The AT&T/Time Warner Merger: Judge Leon Garbled Professor Nash

Steve Salop
This short article forthcoming in the Journal of Antitrust Enforcement offers comments on Judge Leon’s opinion in the AT&T/Time Warner vertical merger litigation. Read More.

Working Paper

The Effect of Competition Law on Patent Remedies

Alison Jones and Renato Nazzini
Although competition law and IP law probably pursue complementary goals, competition laws can: (i) affect remedies available for patent infringement; and/or otherwise, (ii) limit the conduct of patentees, particularly when transferring or licensing their patents. Read More.

Ilmenau Economics Discussion Papers

The Modern Industrial Organization Theory of Media Markets and Competition Policy Implications

D Daniel Sokol and Share Oliver Budzinski and Bjoern A. Kuchinke
This paper outlines the modern industrial organization theory of media markets including competition policy implications. After recapturing fundamentals of industrial organization theory in a non-technical way, the state of the art of (i) modern platform economics, (ii) the economics of the so-called sharing economy, and (iii) the economics of data-based business models and data-driven markets is summarized in a detailed way and illustrated by modern media examples.Read More.

Journal of European Competition Law & Practice

Competition Law and Innovation: Where Do We Stand?

Pablo Ibáñez Colomo
Discussions around the relationship between competition law and innovation have been on the rise in the past few years. Read More.

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