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Your Weekly Digest | Issue 75

Valur Thrainsson
2 min read

Good morning,

Here below you find the most read articles on CompetitionFeed over the last week.

European Commission

Commission opens in-depth investigation into new joint venture proposed by steel suppliers Tata Steel and ThyssenKrupp

The European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation to assess the proposed creation of a joint venture by Tata Steel and ThyssenKrupp, under the EU Merger Regulation. At this stage, the Commission is concerned that the merger may reduce competition in the supply of various high-end steels. Read More.


CMA's role after Brexit

How the CMA is preparing for a bigger role after the UK leaves the European Union. Read More.


Finding the appropriate legal test in EU competition law: on presumptions and remedies

There is not a single legal test in EU competition law. Read More.


Early entry to verify quality stimulates breakthrough innovations

Most OECD countries provide subsidies to stimulate the entry and growth of small entrepreneurial firms. Read More.



At the Concurrences “Antitrust & Developing and Emerging Economies” conference held at NYU Law last Friday — and aptly sub-titled “Coping with nationalism, building inclusive growth” — the audience was treated to a (rather iconoclastic, yet fascinating) keynote speech by Nobel laureate economics professor Joe Stiglitz, which highlighted what would become a theme woven throughout the four panels of the day: One size does not fit all when it comes to competition-law regimes, according to a majority of the speakers; imposing a pure U.S. or EU-derived methodology without regard to local economic and/or political differences is doomed to fail. Read More.

International Journal of Industrial Organization

Flex Cars and Competition in Fuel Retail Markets

We study how the diffusion of flex (bi-fuel) cars affected competition on ethanol and gasoline retail markets. Read More.

Journal of European Competition Law & Practice

Unilateral Effects Screens for Partial Horizontal Acquisitions: The Generalized HHI and GUPPI

Brito, Duarte; Osório, António (António Miguel); Ribeiro, Ricardo; Vasconcelos, Helder
Recent years have witnessed an increased interest, by competition agencies, in assessing the competitive effects of partial acquisitions. Read More.

International Journal of Industrial Organization

An experimental study of the generalized second price auction

Jinsoo Bae and John H.Kagel
The experiment investigates the Generalized Second Price (GSP) auction used to sell advertising positions in online search engines. Read More.

Working Paper

An experimental study of the generalized second price auction

Yong Chao, Guofu Tan and Adam Chi Leung Wong
Abstract In many recent abuse of dominance antitrust cases, the dominant supplier adopts pricing schemes involving conditional rebates, whereas its smaller competitors often use simple linear pricing. Read More.

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