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Your Weekly Digest | Issue 45

Valur Thrainsson
3 min read

Good morning,

Here below you find the most read articles on CompetitionFeed over the last week.

New York Times

AT&T Backs Off Political Argument in Antitrust Case

Politics have been at the center of the public debate about the Justice Department’s lawsuit to block AT&T’s $85 billion purchase of Time Warner. But the trial itself, starting later this month, is shaping up to be a fight focused on classic issues in antitrust law. Read More.

New Zealand Commerce Commission

Commission declines clearance for Trade Me to acquire Motorcentral

The Commerce Commission has declined to grant clearance to Trade Me to acquire Motorcentral (Limelight Software Limited). In making its decision, the Commission considered the effects of the merger on competition in the provision of DMS products to independent motor vehicle dealers and in the supply of online classified advertising to motor vehicle dealers. Read More.

Nordic Competition Blog


On 15 January 2018, the Swedish Patent and Market Court delivered its judgment* (PMT 7000-15) in a case between the Swedish Competition Authority and Nasdaq, operator of the stock exchanges in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Read More.

Truth on the Market

The First Priority of Antitrust Analysis is Getting It Right, Not Making it Easier

Excess is unflattering, no less when claiming that every evolution in legal doctrine is a slippery slope leading to damnation. In Friday’s New York Times, Lina Khan trots down this alarmist path while considering the implications for the pending Supreme Court case of Ohio v. American Express. One of the core issues in the case is the proper mode of antitrust analysis for credit card networks as two-sided markets. Read More.

Competition Policy Blog

Does the Prime Minister’s Unexpected Discussion of Competition Policy Signal a Softening of Brexit?

On Friday 2 March 2018, in a much-anticipated speech meant to give clarity to the UK Government’s Brexit objectives,[1] the Prime Minister suggested that: (a) UK State Aid and Competition rules could remain aligned with those of the EU, and (b) UK courts could continue to have regard to judgments of the European Court of Justice (ECJ). Read More.

NIPE Working Paper

Competition and physician behaviour: Does the competitive environment affect the propensity to issue sickness certificates?

Kurt R. Brekke, Tor Helge Holmäs, Karin Monstad, and Odd Rune Straume
Competition among physicians is widespread, but compelling empirical evidence on the impact on service provision is limited, mainly due to lack of exogenous variation in the degree of competition. We find that GPs with a fee-for-service (Fixed salary) contract are 11 (8) percentage points more likely to certify sick leave at own practice than at the emergency centre. Thus, competition has a positive impact on GPs' sick-listing that is reinforced by financial incentives. Read More.

Conference Paper

Assessing Anticompetitive Practices in Two-Sided Markets: A Comparative Analysis of four Antitrust Proceedings against

Caccinelli, Chiara ; Toledano, Joëlle
This paper aims to shed light on the economic tools, as well as the legal-economic reasoning, which are used by different European antitrust authorities to assess the allegedly anticompetitive practices of a platform operating in a two-sided market (2SM). Read More.

Conference Paper

Selling Gasoline as a By-Product: The Impact of Market Structure on Local Prices

Haucap, Justus ; Heimeshoff, Ulrich and Siekmann, Manuel
We use a novel data set with exact price quotes from virtually all German gasoline stations to empirically investigate how a temporary variance in local market structure induced by restricted opening hours of specific players affects price competition. We find that, during their hours of opening, they have a significant negative price effect on nearby competitors. Read More.

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