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Your Weekly Digest | Issue 28

Valur Thrainsson
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Here below you find the most read articles over the last week.


Volkswagen CEO denies price fixing by German carmakers

STUTTGART, Germany (Reuters) - German carmakers being investigated over possible collusion did not engage in price fixing or an illegal cartel, Volkswagen’s (VOWG_p.DE) chief executive Matthias Mueller said on Wednesday. Read More.


Bundeskartellamt launches sector inquiry into comparison websites

The Bundeskartellamt's inquiry will focus on comparison websites active in the area of travel, insurance, financial services, telecommunications and energy. The Bundeskartellamt's extensive powers to investigate the websites will considerably improve existing possibilities to identify and assess possible violations of law. Read More.


CMA launches consumer law investigation into hotel booking sites

The CMA is investigating booking sites to find out whether their customers really are able to choose the best hotel deal for them. The CMA is concerned about the clarity, accuracy and presentation of information on sites, which could mislead people, stop them finding the best deal and potentially break consumer law. Read More.

African Antitrust & Competition Law News & Analysis


The Competition Tribunal of South Africa (Tribunal) on 26 October 2017 confirmed a consent order filed by the South African Competition Commission (SACC) in terms of which SBS Household Appliances t/a SMEG (Pty) Ltd (SMEG) admitted to contravening Section 5(2) of the South African Competition Act 89 of 1998 (Competition Act). Read More.

Antitrust Law Journal, Forthcoming

A Proposal for a Structural Remedy for Illegal Collusion

Joe Harrington
It is proposed that competition authorities use a structural remedy for some convicted cartels. The remedy would have cartel member(s) sell productive assets such as capacity to other firms for the purpose of making the market more competitive. The paper offers some guidance for the use of divestitures, examines the legal basis for such a remedy, and discusses several cases for which a structural remedy may have been feasible and appropriate. Read More.

Working Paper

Horizontal Shareholding and Antitrust Policy

Fiona M. Scott Morton and Herbert J. Hovenkamp
“Horizontal shareholding” occurs when one or more equity funds own shares of competitors operating in a concentrated product market. Here we consider how the antitrust laws might be applied to this practice, identifying the issues that courts are likely to encounter and attempting to anticipate litigation problems. Read More.

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