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Your Weekly Digest | Issue 26

Valur Thrainsson
2 min read

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Here below you find the most read articles over the last week.


Qualcomm offers EU concessions over $38 billion NXP takeover bid

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - U.S. smartphone chipmaker Qualcomm has offered concessions in an attempt to allay EU antitrust concerns over its $38-billion bid for NXP Semiconductors, the largest ever in the semiconductor industry. Read More.

European Commission

Commission confirms unannounced inspections concerning access to bank account information by competing services

The European Commission can confirm that on 3 October 2017 its officials carried out unannounced inspections in a few Member States concerning online access to bank account information by competing service providers. The Commission has concerns that the companies involved and/or the associations representing them may have engaged in anti-competitive practices in breach of EU antitrust rules that prohibit cartels and restrictive business practices and/or abuse of dominant market positions (Articles 101 and 102 respectively of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union). Read More.


Working Group on Competition Economics - New series of Bundekartellamt events

With the launch of the Working Group on Competition Economics the Bundeskartellamt today initiated a new series of events. At regular events in the future concepts and methods used in the authority's case practice as well as cross-case issues will be discussed with academics specialising in industrial economics and competition policy. Read More.


When does a chat with competitors become illegal?

We all have discussions with counterparts in our industries. Those conversations are often vital to share knowledge, address common issues, and lobby for change. However, conversations with competitors can easily stray into dangerous territory, leading to potentially cartel behaviour. Read More.

Kluwer Competition Law Blog

Welcome clarifications by the EU Court on the concept of excessive pricing

On the 14 September, the Court of Justice of the European Union provided detailed guidance on the concept of excessive pricing under Article 102 TFEU, in response to questions posed by the Latvian Supreme Court. Read More.

Working Paper

Auctions for essential inputs

Rey, Patrick and Salant, David
We study the design of auctions for the allocation of essential inputs, such as spectrum rights, transmission capacity or airport landing slots, to firms using these inputs to compete in a downstream market. When welfare matters in addition to auction revenues, there is a trade-off: provisions aimed at fostering post-auction competition in the downstream market typically result in lower prices for consumers, but also in lower auction proceeds. We first characterize the optimal auction design from the standpoints of consumer and total welfare. We then examine how various regulatory instruments can be used to implement the desired allocation. Read More.

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