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Weekly Digest | Issue 18

Valur Thrainsson
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Here below you find the most read articles on over the last week.


Bakery chain Greggs in talks to join £4bn truck cartel claim

Greggs, the bakery chain, is in talks to join a multibillion-pound legal case against a group of truckmakers fined for price-fixing over a 14-year period. Read More.


National Association of Animal Breeders, Inc. Agreed To Refrain From Adopting Rules that Restrict Competition Among Members

The National Association of Animal Breeders, Inc., or NAAB – a non-profit trade association whose members compete to sell dairy cattle semen to U.S. dairy farms for artificial insemination of dairy cows – has agreed to refrain from adopting rules that unreasonably stifle competition among its members. Read More.

Nordic Competition Blog


At the end of April this year, a Swedish case involving alleged procurement collusion in healthcare markets reached its final conclusion. In a reversal of fortunes for the Swedish Competition Authority (SCA), the Patent and Market Court of Appeal overturned the December 2015 judgment of the Stockholm District Court, exonerating the companies involved (Aleris Diagnostik, Capio S:t Görans Sjukhus*, Hjärtkärlgruppen i Sverige (HKG) (the Parties)). Read More.

Kluwer Competition Law Blog

China proposes new rules to address perceived anti-competitive practices in the pharmaceutical industry

On 14 August 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission (“NDRC“) released a draft of the Guidelines on Pricing Conduct by Business Operators for Drugs in Shortage and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (“Draft Guidelines“). NDRC is seeking comments on the Draft Guidelines until mid-September. One day later, NDRC made public the full text of its decisions against two local companies for excessive pricing and refusal to supply active pharmaceutical ingredients, confirming its determination to use antitrust as a key enforcement tool in the pharmaceutical industry. Read More.

Journal of Competition Law & Economics

Competition Law and Fundamental Rights

This survey covers the following rights: right to a fair hearing and to an effective judicial remedy (Article 47, EU Charter of Fundamental Rights—hereinafter referred to as CFR); right to good administration (Article 41 CFR); tight to equal treatment, (Article 20 CFR); the presumption of innocence (Article 48 CFR); the principle of nulla poena sine lege (Article 49 CFR); the right to privacy (Article 7 CFR). Read More.

Journal of Competition Law & Economic


This article proposes a novel methodology to strengthen the micro-foundations of a macroeconomic assessment of EU competition policy. A unique database containing case-specific information on merger and cartel decisions is exploited to conduct macroeconomic policy simulations using a Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium model. The policy simulations presented include both direct and indirect (deterrent) effects of competition policy interventions. They show that competition policy has a sizeable impact on GDP growth, job creation, and the distribution of consumption across different types of households. Read More.

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