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Your Weekly Digest | Issue 128

Valur Thrainsson
2 min read

Good morning,

Here below you find the most relevant articles on CompetitionFeed over the last week.


Big Tech’s 'bully' tactics stifle competition, smaller rivals tell Congress

Executives detailed allegations of intellectual property theft, attempts to block them from platforms and efforts to seemingly drive them out of business. Read More.

The New York Times

Welcome to India, Mr. Bezos. Here’s an Antitrust Complaint.

India opened a formal investigation into Jeff Bezos’ Amazon and its leading rival, Flipkart, just before his first visit in five years. Read More.


Former Air Cargo Executive Extradited From Italy for Price-Fixing

Case Marks Antitrust Division’s Most Recent Successful Extradition on Antitrust Charges. Read More.

Belgian Competition Authority

Interim measure imposed on Orange and Proximus in respect of the joint venture for the sharing of the mobile radio access networks

The Competition College of the Belgian Competition Authority (BCA) has at the request of Telenet Group NV and Telenet BVBA (Telenet) imposed on 8 January 2020 an interim measure on Orange Belgium NV (Orange) and Proximus NV (Proximus). Read More.


Bundeskartellamt publication on “Algorithms and Competition“

As a follow up to its joint study with the French Autorité de la concurrence on Algorithms and Competition the Bundeskartellamt has published a new paper on this theme. Read More.

VOX CEPR Policy Portal

A new EU level playing field instrument: Potential goals and design

EU competition policy appears not sufficiently equipped to deal with the challenges recently raised by Chinese state capitalism. This column discusses some of the gaps in the EU’s economic toolbox, and identifies several strategic issues that will need to be addressed as the Commission looks to close these gaps with the introduction of a ‘level playing field instrument’. Read More.


Abuses ‘by object’: a follow-up on last week’s post

The post on abuses by object I prepared last week has received a number of really interesting comments (see here). I realise I would not do justice to the points raised if I simply addressed them one by one. So here we are. Read More.

VOX CEPR Policy Portal

Informality and weak competition: A deadly cocktail for growth and equity in emerging Latin America

Piritta Sorsa, Jens Arnold, Paula Garda
Economic growth in Latin America has been persistently lower and more erratic than the emerging economies of Asia, largely due to low productivity borne out of both weak competition and a large informal economy. Read More.

Revue Concurrentialiste

On The Meaning of Antitrust’s Consumer Welfare Principle

Herbert Hovenkamp
The “consumer welfare” principle for antitrust law suggests that antitrust has something to do with the welfare of consumers. Read More.

NBER Working Papers

The Surprising Hybrid Pedigree of Measures of Diversity and Economic Concentration

Paolo M. Adajar, Ernst R. Berndt, Rena M. Conti
Measures of economic concentration, such as the k-firm concentration index and the Hirschman-Herfindahl Index (HHI) are commonly used to ascertain the competitiveness of a product market. Read More.

Kind regards,
Valur Þráinsson
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