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Weekly Digest | Issue 2

Valur Thrainsson
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May 2, 2017

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Qualcomm's Patent-Trolling Habits Come Home To Roost

TAfter years of investigations, lawsuits, and fines, a checkered past of patent abuse and exploitation appears to have caught up with a major U.S. chip developer. Qualcomm Inc. now finds itself as a defendant in a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) antitrust suit, in which the plaintiff argues the San Diego company leveraged its position as owner of certain essential patents for wireless phones and devices to impose unfair licensing terms on customers and drive out competing manufacturers. Read More.

New York Times

Is It Time to Break Up Google?

In just 10 years, the world’s five largest companies by market capitalization have all changed, save for one: Microsoft. Exxon Mobil, General Electric, Citigroup and Shell Oil are out and Apple, Alphabet (the parent company of Google), Amazon and Facebook have taken their place. They’re all tech companies, and each dominates its corner of the industry: ... Read More.

Truth on the Market

Tax Competition, the Burden of Excessive Taxation, and the European Union’s Apple “State Aids” Case

TIn our essay, we point out that, whatever the legal merits of this particular holding, the EC’s recent “crusade” against low corporate taxes achieved through various national preferences raises the broader issue of “tax competition” among jurisdictions that may beneficially constrain the size of government. Read More.



A number of recent European telecoms mergers have highlighted the difficulties in winning merger clearances on efficiency grounds, even where the deal would appear to give rise to obvious efficiencies. A number of mobile network operators, or MNOs, have claimed that joining forces with competing MNOs would give the scale necessary to undertake the very significant investments needed in network upgrades. Read More.

International Journal of Industrial Organization

Vertical Disintegration in the European Electricity Sector: Empirical Evidence on Lost Synergies


  • We investigate economies of vertical integration (EVI) of European electricity utilities
  • Our results confirm the presence of substantial EVI
  • Sources of EVI include asset specificity and market complexity
  • EVI may be lost with ownership unbundling of the transmission grid

Read More.

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